Ok, so we’ve fired up your appetite to be part of something special in business: you ‘get it’ and you already genuinely aim to get it right for the customer (and yourself) day in and day out, but it’s tough getting noticed when the customer is constantly bombarded with offers and adverts … so how do you actually do it.

I guess there are three things you can do (probably in this order).

  1. Start talking about ‘slow selling’ and the ideas we put forward to your colleagues and customers: guage their reaction to the ideas and, if positive move on to step 2 …
  2. Join the ‘Slow Sellers Association’: it’s not expensive and it’s not for profit: the aim is to deliver hugely more value to members than the cost of membership (and by value, we mean REAL value: we aim to help you sell more, for less cost, and build great levels of customer loyalty and reputation through our material and tools).
  3. Actively promote the ‘Slow Sellers Association Public Declaration of Quality Intent’ and encourage other ‘slow sellers’ that you come across to start the journey as you did (the more members there are, doing the right things, the more the customer will look for the logo and the more everyone will win).

Then we can start changing the world.

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Guy Arnold