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Slow Sellers Association…

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What’s It All About?

The SSA will be a high value, low cost membership organisation for leaders, managers and individuals who want to focus on ‘doing it right’ and to sell on quality and value, rather than ads and offers.

The Association will enable them to:


Make a public declaration of quality intent, and use it to boost sales, loyalty, reputation and referrals.


Have access to easy to use, powerful videos, tools and training materials.


Take part in private, high-value Q&A sessions and webinars.


Get discounted coaching and training on Slow-Selling and associated material.

Declaration Of Quality Intent

My / our aim in all I/we do is to earn your long term trust and loyal custom by:


Focusing on being genuinely helpful rather than try to sell you something


Offering honest solutions and never over-promising


Welcoming feedback and responding to you quickly

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How Can You Help?

There are four main ways in which you can support our association. They are to:

Become a member

You like what we’re doing and would like to be among the first to become a member when we’re up and running

become a supporter

You want to be seen as an authority on ‘Slow Selling’ and helping organisations deliver quality and value as a coach. You want to be an active supporter and member.

become a sponsor

You want to be seen as a leading light in the area of ‘Slow Selling’ and making a Public Declaration of Quality Intent, and would like to sponsor the Association in return for long term membership at reduced rates.

become an area director

You want to promote the aims of the SSA in your Area, be trained in the material so you can train it to others, and get paid for both this and signing up members.

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